Icing Only - Your "Go To" Icing Cookbook

I wrote this book as member to my Grandmother who was a icing and gum paste artist. It took me two months and many hours of proof reading. If you buy this book you will not have to spend time searching for good icings.  It has everything from a professional looking basic rolled fondant to a delicious tropical swirl icing. It is a good investment for anyone who loves to bake cakes or cupcakes and then top them with delicious homemade icing. All the recipes use standard volume measurements and simple step by step instructions. It is easy to buy pre-made icing but if you want something special this book is for you.

Amazon Review: This e-book is invaluable in the kitchen for making birthday cakes and cupcakes look like they came from an expensive gourmet bakery. Using plain language and step-by-step instructions, the author helped us make a WORKABLE FONDANT for our son's themed birthday cake and the a dozen cupcakes for his friends to take home. We'd practiced for weeks with "easy" recipes and were nothing but frustrated. I found this book at Amazon, read a couple of pages for free, and decided to take a chance. If you're interested in taking your cakes beyond the bucket of store bought frosting, then this book will become your icing bible. Can't recommend it enough.


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