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300g of High Quality German made Isomalt. 

Resistant to yellowing

Resistant to moisture

Must be tempered. (Heated, cooled then heated again)

Have a look at our blog ISOMALT TUTORIAL: How to Make Isomalt Sail for more information

Safely First & Step by Step on How to Make an Isomalt Sail

 - Melted Isomalt is very hot and can cause severe burns. Always use a cotton gloves covered with silicone gloves.

- Always wear long sleeves, pants and eye protection to shield from splashes


1) Place isomalt crystals in a nonstick or steel saucepan.

2) Heat a medium heat until the crystals melt. Gently stir with a silicone spatula or spoon. Always touching the bottom of the pan while you stir (this decreases bubble formation)

3) Let it come to a boil then time it for 1 minute. (If you want to use a thermometer the temperature should reach 180C or 300F.)

4) Let cook for 2 minutes then add the food dye. Be very careful of your eyes and hands. The dye may spatter when it touches the hot liquid.

5) Pour onto a silicone mat. Let cool for 30 minutes. (You can also pour it into silicone molds at this stage to let harden and use at a later date.)

You have just tempered the isomalt.

6) Break up the hardened isomalt on the mat and put into a saucepan or in a airtight bag to use at a later date. You can use the saucepan you just used without cleaning it or a new saucepan.

7) Let the isomalt melt on a medium heat without stirring it. This will help decrease bubble formation. If there are a lot of visible bubbles then let the saucepan sit for a minute. Many of the bubbles will come to the top.

8) Pour the isomalt once again onto a silicone mat.

9) Tilt the mat to let the isomalt start forming a shape and to judge when to put the mat on the bottle. The isomalt should not be running like water but more like corn syrup.

10) Place a bottle on another mat or cookie sheet. Then place the silicone sheet with the melted isomalt on top over the bottle. Then gently crimp the silicone mat with clothespins to form a shape the isomalt will harden upon.

The isomalt sail on the bottle cooling.

It is OK if some of the isomalt drips onto the mat below. It will still look great. You will be able to save the drips and melt them again starting at step #6 again. 

11) Let harden for 15-20 minutes. Do not disturb the sail at this stage. Then gently take the isomalt sail off the bottle and pull the silicone mat off.

The finished isomalt sail