Insulating Bag for Russian Tips
Demontrating Insulating Bag for Russian Tips
Insulating Bag - Keep Your Cool

Insulating Bag - Keep Your Cool

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Keep Your Cool Insulating Bags 

A new product to keep your icing cool longer while you are cake decorating. Have you ever been using Russian Tips and suddenly the icing is too soft and it turns into a glob of icing instead of a gorgeous flower? This happened to me way too many times and voila.... the idea for Keep Your Cool bags was born.

  • Get your icing bag ready
  • Slip it in a Keep Your Cool bag
  • Then decorate for twice the time before your icing gets too warm from your hand. 

The insulating bag can easily be transferred to another filled icing bag or you can buy 2-3 to have on for all your bags. This bag fits perfectly on a 14 Inch Disposable Bag with a Russian Tip Coupler. All available from our store.

 Color may vary.

14" Disposable Bag, Russian Tip & Russian Tip Coupler are SOLD SEPERATELY!